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Beatrice Carter Property has been letting and managing high quality rental properties for over 40 years. We specialize in the placement of U.S. Military families who are based at RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall, and RAF Feltwell in high quality housing. We generally manage properties located within a 20 minute drive of the RAF bases.

Our relationship with the bases and our insight into the needs of U.S. Military members, make Beatrice Carter the perfect choice to find suitable tenants to let your property. We offer prospective tenants a wealth of information about the local area, so we are well acquainted with newly arriving prospective tenants. This relationship ensures your property will rent in a shorter period of time to the highest quality tenant possible.

We continue to offer a high standard of customer care, and strive to find the perfect match for both tenant and landlord alike. Beatrice Carter Property offers a full range of services to property owners that range from finding a new tenant to fully managing the property throughout the lease.

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Why Work with Beatrice Carter Property?

Property Management Services

Letting Service with Full Management

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Tenant Search Services include:

Tenant Only Service WITH Inventory

Fees for services will be presented during our initial property inspection and management services meeting.

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Please Note: All properties must have an up to date Energy Performance Certificate.